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5 Tips For Making Money Playing Online Poker

Disclaimer alert! Twoggle is by no means trying to suggest that you should play poker online. We are merely sharing our thoughts on what we think you need, to succeed in the online poker world. We always advise erring on the side of caution when engaging in gambling of any sort, and to please seek help if you feel like your gambling is getting out of control.
OK so with corporate social responsibility out of the way, it’s time to examine the qualities and characteristics required of a person to become a professional online poker player. While Texas Holdem is a game built on a lot of luck, it also requires a large degree of mind games, wit, and motivation. First up, if you have come here for a poker lesson, you are in the wrong place. We are assuming that anyone reading this already knows the basics, and if you don’t, well then you shouldn’t be thinking about taking up gambling for a living. Without further ado.

5 Tips For Making Money Playing Online Poker

Take it seriously

Ok, so you have committed to making a living online, so treat it like a job. Get out of your pajamas and into a tracksuit at the very least. Slobby presentation equates to a slobby frame of mind. Playing online poker is a profession and should be treated as such. While we are not suggesting a three-piece suit, some level of hygiene and grooming is welcomed. Further, it ‘s nice to get into the habit of playing poker as you would in a casino. That means no televisions, radios or other distractions.

Test the Waters

There are a couple of different poker environments that you can find your poker legs in so demonstrate courage and test them out. Some people can play in multi-table games; which requires excellent task juggling skills, while others thrive in sit-n-go’s. Then we have the serial tournament players. Which one are you? Find out by giving them all go. You might find that you are having success in one environment, but it’s no harm in exploring other avenues? Taking a risk is after all the whole crux of what you are doing.
Before you start investigating different poker game styles, it ‘s nice to spend some time partaking in the intense 5 to 6 player games. This is real opportunity to play properly to the wire poker and mainly hone your skills. When you do decide to venture into other areas, you should have a strong background of playing with the big boys.

Demonstrate restraint

As an online poker player, you are going to take financial risks but do not spend money that you don’t have. Playing online poker is akin to investing in stocks and shares, so sometimes you will win, and lots of times you will lose. It is important to set a strict budget, to begin with; money you can afford to play with and ultimately wait to win back (if you do). Further, while it can be exciting when you believe you have the game in the bag early on, to start with, don’t’ go all in. At least wait until further in your poker career to start taking such significant risks. For now, it is all about finding your feet.

Shop around

There are a variety of online poker sites waiting for your business. Like lots of gambling companies, many offer you a bonus cash amount to play with when you sign up (usually after you have deposited some funds). Take advantage of this, and sign up for a couple of different sites. You can use this bonus to practice your skills with real money, that feels less risky – basically, it’s not the rent money that you are messing around with!

Freeroll baby

Freerolling is not when someone throws themselves down a snowy hill and free rolls. Freerolling pertains to your participation in free online tournaments. Yup, you heard correctly. Play poker for free and win actual cash. There is no catch as such other than the prize money is relatively small and players high. But, freeroll tournaments are fabulous opportunities to hone your card holding craft, while also making some dough.

Any other tips for online poker player newbies? Hit us up!

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