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5 Steps To Being A Better Guest Blogger

If you have a blog but still want to reach out to more people then why not try guest blogging? Simply put, guest blogging is writing articles or stories for another person’s blog. What do you get out of it, you ask? Aside from the exposure to his or her readers (whom might have a totally different demographics from yours), guest blogging also opens up opportunities for you to invite other writers to appear on your blog.

Guest blogging also facilitates mutual blog promotions between owners and writers; your guest writer can promote your blog with his readers and you can reciprocate by doing the same on your blog.

Have you landed a guest blogging opportunity or looking for one? How do you make sure you don’t become a problem for the blog owner?

5 Steps To Being a Better Guest Blogger

Start Small

You might be tempted to immediately go for the highly popular blogs around. Resist this temptation, especially if you don’t have much experience guest blogging. The more popular blogs might also have requirements for word counts, submission frequencies, among others, and you might have trouble keeping up with them if you’re a newbie.

Don’t think of starting small as a bad thing, think of it is a way to build your reputation and establish a following. The better you get with guest blogging the more followers you have and the more doors to popular blogs could be opened to you.

Do Your Research

Before you even contact a blog owner about guest writing opportunities, make sure you know what you are getting into and read the articles on the blog. This will give you an idea of the topics it normally covers and a feel of the writing style.

Be Qualified to Write About What You Want

If you want to write for a blog about technology and gadgets make sure you have the right knowledge. This should go for any topic. Don’t write about things like cooking, gardening, sewing, computer troubleshooting, pet raising, etc. if you have no practical knowledge or practical experience. Trust blog owners to be able to spot a fake just by looking at the way an article is written.

Write as If You’re Writing for Your Own Blog

Don’t slack off on your writing even with the knowledge that the guest blog owner is likely to read your work before posting it. All the more this should encourage you to bring out your best since your work will come under close scrutiny.

You might think it is okay to drop your guard or peg down your standards since the article won’t appear in your blog, however it is still your name attached to the article and readers will tend to remember writers who have made a good (or bad) impression on them.

Promote the Blog You’re Guesting in and in Your Own Blog too

If you have secured a guest blogging agreement, don’t forget to promote the blog you are guesting for in your guest blogs. You can do this by encouraging readers to read the other articles on the blog and posting links to those articles.

You should also mention the blog you are guesting in in your own blog and also provide the necessary links.

One thing to remember is not to make it too obvious you are selling the blog, one or two mentions of your guest blog owner’s articles and the appropriate links will do, three and more can be considered overkill and will give readers the impression that you’re a shill.

Remember, that the keyword in guest blogger is “guest” and just like a guest in someone else’s house you should respect the host and be mindful of the house rules. You want to be a guest blogger, not be a pest blogger.


What are your thoughts on guest blogging? Any tips or comments – please leave them below!

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