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5 Good Reasons To Have A WordPress Blog

Having a good online presence is the single most important thing you can do for your business –especially if you are new to the online world. So how exactly do you go about achieving this? One of the very best places to start is with a WordPress Blog. There is pretty much no experience needed and anyone can get started quickly and easily.

 5 Good Reasons To Have A WordPress Blog

So what are the reasons having a WordPress blog is the way to go?

  1. Ease of use: WordPress is extremely easy and simple to use. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have from selling products to selling services it’s very easy to set up a WordPress blog and start selling. You can add products and links easily so others can click on them and you can start earning money. It won’t matter if you are selling your own products or services or if you are an affiliate selling someone else’s products.
  2. No HTML required: if you are building your own website you need at least a basic knowledge of HTML code, but with WordPress you can get started without needing to know anything about HTML, you simply type, submit and it’s done. WordPress’s award winning administration panel lets you enter text via its text-editing tool to update any content on your site: posts, pages (static pages that don’t change, for example ‘opening hours’) or even custom content types – the possibilities are endless!
  3. Plugins: Apart from an extremely simple installation (we offer a free WordPress installation service), WordPress features an ocean of ready-built (and usually free) plugins to enhance the functionality of your site. Need to SEO-optimize your images? Let this plugin do the work for you. If you can’t find a plugin to do exactly what you’re after, you can develop a WordPress plugin yourself (or get a WordPress developer to code it up for you, if coding is not for you).
  4. Powerful themes: With WordPress, its so easy to customise the look of your blog. With any online presence you want to look new, fresh and different to existing sites out there. It is incredibly easy to find the feel and look you want – simply download the WordPress theme (plenty of free premium paid ones online) to your PC and then upload it to your host and you have a brand new look! Many themes let you change a myriad of settings via a theme control panel.
  5. Constantly updated platform and security: The WordPress developer team are constantly looking at ways to improve the WordPress platform – when new enhancements are made they roll these out to any WordPress user by way of updates, this is to address any security issues and to also make your WordPress blog experience more user friendly. At one time this was not an easy thing to achieve and it took a lot of knowledge to even just update a blog. These days all it takes is a simple click of a button and you’re done. Times have progressed and blogs and software have improved so much that WordPress will even let you know when it is time to perform an update.

You can see that having a WordPress blog is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your presence online – especially for your business. With a large support community and a well-documented platform at your disposal, WordPress truly is worth every penny (did we mention it’s free?).

WordPress is not only for blogging however, and can be used as a full-fledged content management system (CMS) to host any type of website, not just a blog.

What features of WordPress do you love the most?


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