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3 Things Editors Hate About Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is an excellent way of building relationships with editors. They are very powerful, and getting on the wrong side of them will be very damaging to your reputation. In this post we’ll look at things editors hate about guest bloggers.

So, what do editors loathe about guest bloggers? I spoke to a couple of them to find out.

3 Things Editors Hate About Guest Bloggers

1. Writers who don’t read the guidelines

Every blog will have a set of guidelines (known as the house style) that all bloggers must follow when writing guest posts. This details the style of writing found in the publication i.e. humorous tone, paragraphs of 2 – 3 sentences, keywords bolded.

You don’t need a formal document to learn about a blog’s style: you can see what this by simply reading its content. Editors will know if you have read their publication or not. Always imitate a blog’s style as closely as you can and, if possible, ask the editor for a set of guidelines.

2. Writing only for personal gain

This problem can occur simultaneously with not reading a blog’s guidelines. If you are desperate to get your work featured on as many websites as possible, you’re going to have to become a flexible writer when it comes to style. Sending out rushed or irrelevant posts just to get your name out there is a waste of time for both you and the editor.

“My problem with guest posting is when people are clearly just writing a post for the link. They don’t take the time to understand my site, to look at other content we publish or to even ask themselves if there is any relevancy between what they are promoting and what we are about.”

– Tom Volpe, Heading There

3. Asking unnecessary questions

This issue stems from not reading the guidelines thoroughly. It is important to run every doubt you have by this document before asking the editor for help. Their time is precious, and they don’t want to waste this on solving cases that you should have solved yourself.

“Take the time to look over the site and look for guidelines. It is annoying when people ask questions regarding submissions that had they taken the time to read the guidelines, they wouldn’t even need to ask: they’ll find that it’s already answered.”

– Cori Padgett, Big Girl Branding

You’ll have noticed that each irritation arises from not doing enough reading. A good writer will be enthusiastic about the work of others as well as their own, and this passion is essential for both you and the editor.

Never write to publications for the sake of writing. Take the time to learn how they construct things, and learn how to do this for yourself. This way you can avoid things editors hate about guest bloggers.

What are your experiences with guest bloggers? Let us know the good and the bad down below!

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