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3 Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Really Want

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. It can be as troublesome for businesses as it is for customers. However, if cards are played right, both parties can walk away happy and content. It’s easy to maximize sales and revenue during the holidays as people are more willing to shop and spend. Below are interesting and smart Marketing Ideas for businesses with online stores during this busy holiday season.

Marketing Ideas

Discounts & Special Offers

A sale during one of the most hectic times of the year is a lifesaver for numerous customers. When buying copious amounts of gifts for friends and family, customers look for good bargains and reasonably priced products. Low prices at a time when a lot of shopping is required are highly attractive to customers. For example, Ugly Christmas Sweater is an online business that prides itself in, well you guessed it, ugly Christmas sweaters. Such sweaters are extremely popular during this time of year and in high demand. Therefore, by having a sale for their customers, the website is saving a lot of time for it’s customers and is increasing the amount of sales.

Special offers like “buy 1, get 1 free” will also attract customers to online stores. Especially during the holiday season, when customers are purchasing gifts for numerous friends and family. Free delivery and shipping is also likely to increase sales immensely. Some businesses might fear the loss of revenue over free shipping/delivery, but this is a good idea as customers are likely to purchase more products from such websites. Not only are the above ideas and suggestions easier for customers, but it is also easier for employees, as last minute sales can get out of hand.


Create Product Gift Bundles & Gift Cards

Marketing Ideas

Often, customers can get overwhelmed by all the gifts they have to buy for friends and family. Product bundles and gift cards make their life easier. Fashion retailers can put together themed outfit packs, liquor retailers can put together crates of a certain drink, salons can offer beauty packages etc. Bundles like this and this at Bath & Body Works will encourage customers to buy, as more products are offered for lesser the price. Value can be added by offering to wrap up gifts and delivering them directly to the recipient.  

Gift cards are also a good alternative as they simplify the shopping experience for customers. This way time and energy is saved, for customers, as they don’t have to go through the issue of picking and choosing gifts for people. Often, people are left with gifts they do not want. Therefore, in order to keep both parties happy, gift cards are a good alternative. An option to purchase physical gift cards online should be present, as well as the option of e-gift cards, for those customers who prefer shopping online.


12 Days of Christmas Advent

Marketing Ideas

Everyone loves a good advent calendar. Microsoft had a successful 12 Days of Deals this year. Businesses can use this to their advantage to increase sales and keep customers happy. Email subscribers can be offered a different deal every day via email. If you’d prefer traffic coming directly to your website, it is a good idea to have an online advent. Customers can click on the deals and offer of the day. For this, you could offer special discounts and discount codes on (certain) products or even offer free samples, wrapping, free delivery etc. Customers will love this as it’s a game of sorts and a mystery deal every day will keep them in suspense. This being said, it is not necessary that the products offered on the online advent have to be a mystery. Products can be shown to show customers which item will be available when. This will increase traffic on websites. It’s a classic Christmas time concept and is fool proof.

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