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20 Proven And Tested Marketing Tips – Your Facebook Bible

No one can refute the value of marketing in Facebook when it comes to advancing your business. It’s for this reason that everyone in the marketing industry is taking the time to learn or inquire about this strategy. Considering how millions of people are in Facebook everyday, who wouldn’t right? This post will aim to serve as your facebook bible …

For the sake of efficiency and not having to jump from one resource to another, allow me to share with you 60 proven and tested Facebook marketing tips. If you’re looking for the ultimate resource in Facebook marketing, then this is what you need.


*Note – There’s always an exception to every rule considering how the “one-size-fits-all” logic never works in the field of marketing. That said, don’t treat these tips as absolutes… Think about your goals, community, and quality (among many others) first and foremost and simply integrate these tips.


Without further adieu, here are the tips…


1.) Go to niche related forums to find out what specific topics your community wants to talk about.

20 Proven And Tested Marketing Tips - Your Facebook Bible

If you want to know just what EXACTLY your readers like to read/talk about, then going to niche related forums and looking for “Hot threads” is what you need to do.

Considering how these “hot threads” are getting a lot of comments and reactions from a community that’s similar to yours. Chances are (and it’s really close to 100%) that they’ll like the same topic.


2.) Ask questions at the end of your posts.



Do you want to stir engagement within your community? If you answered yes, then the answer is quite simple… just ask them a question. There’s no rocket science reasoning behind it. The more your question relates to their situation, the better.

That said, don’t just ask random questions. Think about your community’s day to day lives and think about what challenges they might be facing. Ask about those challenges and you’ll definitely get them to open up!


3.) Don’t think that less is more all the time. Trust me… That isn’t the case in Facebook.

Others will tell you how you should only be writing short posts because long ones are too long to read.

While that may be the case sometimes, that isn’t ALWAYS the case. In fact, you might have seen short stories (which are long compared to short posts) that’s getting a lot of shares and comments.

That’s because more than the length of your post, quality plays an even bigger role when it comes to getting results in Facebook.


4.) Make them laugh!



Making your Facebook community laugh is a good way to remove any tension or “shyness” in them. It makes it easier for them to open up and look at you as a friend rather than some other guy on the internet.


5.) Use memes.

If you aren’t using these, then you’re missing out on A LOT of opportunities! Memes are an awesome tool to bring about humor and loosen up your community.


6.) If you’re undecided between posting photos or videos, choose photos! Photos ALMOST always outperforms videos!

It’s already proven and tested how images get more traction compared to videos.

But of course, you also need to think about what you are posting. If videos make better sense than photos then by all means, use videos! But with all things equal… go with photos instead.


7.) Don’t “automatically post” your Twitter posts in Facebook!

Twitter has a world and a culture of its own. And it’s plain to see how different Twitter’s feel is compared to Facebook’s. That said,  you’d better not be automating your Twitter posts to your Facebook account.

Remember that you’re communicating with 2 different communities who have 2 different moods. There’s a huge chance of you alienating one or the other if you automate your posts.


8.) You’re making a BIG MISTAKE! 2 – 4 times a week is what’s considered as “not too much”.

Newbies at Facebook marketing think of posting 2 – 3 posts PER DAY to avoid posting “too much”. They compare it with others posting 5 – 7 times a day so they consider themselves respectful of other people’s feeds.

Well… Sorry to tell you but 2 per day isn’t considered as “not too much”! 3 – 5 times a week IS so you’d better consider these numbers when thinking about how many posts you’ll do in a week.


9.) Don’t just post regularly. Measure your results!

Measuring plays a key role when determining what works and what doesn’t. So don’t neglect it!


10.)  Remember that it’s not about you… It should be all about them!

Aren’t you just sick and tired of companies talking about how awesome their services are, how long they have been in the business, and how friendly their employees are?

Trust me you are not alone! Never fall for this trap!

Post about the things that will benefit your readers and not how good you are. There’s a fundamental difference on it. Think about features vs. benefits!

Go for benefits!


11.) Don’t just use good looking photos in your FB ads. Study which ones are performing better by switching it up!

This is about split-testing. Don’t just settle for one image on your FB ads. Think about using multiple images and run several tests to determine which ones perform better.

You’ll be amazed at how seemingly low quality photos outperform the good looking ones.


12.) ALWAYS maintain professionalism! Do not bad mouth anyone using your FB profile/Fanpage

If you don’t act professionally, then why on earth would they entrust solving their problems with you? Consider that before you start cursing and bad mouthing anyone using your fan page.


13.) Reply to the comments as fast as you can!

If you think it’s ok to reply to comments 2 days after it’s made, then you’re making a huge mistake!

A lot of things can happen within that 2 days. One very possible scenario is your competitors answering your prospect’s inquiry thus making you lose the sale.


14.) If this is the very first time you’ve visited twoggle, then you’d better bookmark it. You’ll learn a lot about Facebook marketing strategies here!

The tip says it all. You’d better bookmark twoggle if you want to learn more about Facebook marketing. This alone can go along way as far as helping you grow as a Facebook marketer.


15.) Use contests

Contests almost always does the trick when it comes to rousing your community’s interest. Try it. You’ll be mind-blown at what it can do for you.


16.) Build a Fanpage if you’re just using your personal profile.

If you’ve been marketing your business using only your personal profile, then stop living under a rock and start creating a fan page. It’s so easy and the returns it can give you is downright amazing!


17.) Don’t be left behind… Join niche related groups!

Keep yourself updated on what’s happening in your niche. The more updated you are, the more you can relate and spread the news to others who haven’t heard it.

One of the best ways to do this is to be connected with niche related groups. If your niche is fitness conscious, then you should join organic hemp, fitness or dietary food related groups rather than be wasting time on meaningless things.

They’re almost always vigilant about what’s happening about the niche and you can bet your family jewels that they’ll come reporting to the group if they have a new scoop.


18.) Be controversial

Look at how viral the presidential election is right now (even if it’s in a negative or positive way). Controversy has a lot to do with it (to say the least) so don’t take being controversial lightly. Then again, be sure that you put the right balance to it since it can backfire on you and you might end up shooting yourself in the foot.


Use sweepstakes

Sweepstakes can bring about the feeling of eagerness and suspense. It’s never failed me once especially when it comes to rousing my community’s interest.

Just remember that a well-organized sweepstakes can get you tons of interaction let alone leads/sales.


20.) Don’t just think about yourself, promote others too!

Promoting others is a sign of good will and your eagerness to build relationships. You should take the time to promote others whenever you can. If you do this, you’ll be amazed at the kind of relationships you can build with other webmasters.

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