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10 Video SEO Tips To Boost Your Rankings

video seo

When reviewing or planning your SEO strategy, integrating videos is a must. Videos are a powerful tool for SEO but are also a great way to engage your audience. In order for your Video SEO strategy to be efficient, take a look at the 10 tips listed below:

Focus on Quality

People should be your focus. Work on providing quality audio and sound. The content must be benefit-driven, informative and unique so that it is engaging for your viewer, and even resulting in further engagement in the form of comments, likes and shares.

Specify Your Niche

Focus your videos on a chosen niche which you are comfortable will provide the best value. Though a specific niche means a smaller audience, it also typically means a better targeted audience, and often less competition.

Upload Your Transcript

If you upload a script of your video, of course, Google will read it, whereas they can’t yet read the content in videos. It is also recommended to include the relevant keywords in your transcript.

Connect with Viewers

You can do this by using some interactive elements such as quizzes, in-video links, surveys, which all let you intercept viewers at crucial moments. For example, if you are doing app-specific how-to videos, take advantage of in-video interactivity and link your audience to your application where they can make the desired conversion.


YouTube remains to be the most popular video-sharing web site. It is free and easy to use and therefore, makes a great source to host videos. Hosting videos in YouTube is great for brand awareness as they tend to rank very high in search engines.

Use YouTube’s Old Embed Code

When embedding videos on your website, use the old code. You can which is the old code when you see code that is  <object>-based. This should be your option when you decide to embed a YouTube to your web site.

Create Sitemaps for Videos

Creating a separate video sitemap will make your videos much quicker and easier to find and index by search engines. They will also be given more priority in search engine results.

Structured Markup

Make sure you take advantage of structured markup which will tell Google exactly what your content is about and potentially produce a rich snippet in the search results.

Take Advantage Of Meta Descriptions

Though Google does not consider these descriptions in ranking, they are very useful if you want to attract attention. Users tend to be drawn much more to video content than text, so make them aware of this in your descriptions.

Enable Sharing On Social Media

If you can, allow your readers to share your videos to all popular social media networks especially, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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