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10 Tips for Writing an Awesome Guest Post

Twoggle is an awesome place to find a ready-made community of bloggers. At Twoggle, we not only deliver you our awesome blogs to find awesome guest post opportunities, but we also provide you with a directory of other blogs that you may be interested in following. Our content is created with you in mind; we want to offer our perspective on all things blogging, writing and freelancing. We are also happy to accept guest posts to gain your perspective on these things too, but we do have a couple of pre-requisites for featuring on our site. After all, we want to showcase only the best, well written and informative posts to our readers that will be enriching, entertaining and educational. So how do you deliver the 3 E’ s to your guest post target blog? Here are our top tips for writing an excellent guest post. взять кредит подбор

10 Tips for Writing an Awesome Guest Post

Read, Read, Read

We love to hear from people who can offer us a new idea for a post that will complement the content that we already feature.Have a good browse of our blog and make sure that your post has not previously been written about. If it is, think about how you can offer a fresh perspective. Think about the future; don’t focus on the past; this means looking towards blogging predictions for example. We know whats happening now or what has happened; tell us where the future is at.

How long is a Piece of String?

Wondering how long your post should be? We are seeking posts that are a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 1200. Please don’t write a 1200 word post that’s jam-packed with frilly words, but if you have lots of valuable information to provide, then go right ahead. Quality as always wins over quantity, so short informative blogs are better than long-winded ones.

Link Me Up

We are fine with some links; just don’t overkill. We are happy for you to insert one backlink to your blog if it works well in the piece – for example, a link to your article about “ WordPress plugins” works beautifully in your guest post-sentence which refers to such plugins. Please also include two links to our blogs; this involves a little more reading of the Twoggle blog to find something that fits. If you need some help with this, let us know here.

Grammar for the Win

We will run a grammar check, and before you submit a piece to us, we hope to god that you do too. While Nobel Peace Prize writers are not required for our blog, writers with a reasonable standard of English are. We want to keep the standard high within our blogging community, so make sure that you are checking your spelling, and checking it twice. I can recommend Grammarly; this application has helped me through many hard times.
Plagiarism is an absolute no-go. If you submit plagiarised copy to us, we will banish you to bloggy purgatory. Just don’t do it!

Give Us What We Like

Here is a list of some of the genres of blogs that we love –
• Blog tips
• Monetising blogs
• Digital Marketing
• Analytics
• Trends in Digital
• Content Strategy
• Social Media
• WordPress
• Design and Development
• Freelancing

Feel free to use one of these topics for guidance and go insular on it; for example, analytics is a minefield so maybe write about “ The top three tips for utilising Google Analytics.”

Captured in Words

Writing a killer heading is paramount for spruiking the reader’s interest. Put some thought into your title and ensure that you use your keyword in it (oh yep keywords; we will get to them!). Listicles works well, as do headings that contain a number; for example the title of this blog “ Ten Tips for Writing an Awesome Twoggle Post.”


While the heading is essential, we are equally interested in the implementation of subheadings into your post. Subheadings provide you with an opportunity to categorize your post into sections and makes for a more natural read for a more awesome guest post.

SEO is Sexy

We optimise all of our posts and we ask you to do so too. If you are not too sure what we mean, please refer to this blog post written on the topic –
There are many valuable keyword generating websites available that can help you to find the right words. One example is keyword tool

Picture This

We are happy to source the images for your post, but we encourage you to give it a shot first. There are heaps of free photos for use online; make sure that whatever one you chose can be freely used by the public. We are not quite ready to be sued yet.

And Finally

Please contact us to pitch your idea and all going well you will be writing us an excellent guest post in no time! Happy scribing!

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