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10 Tasty Tips For Hitting The Blogging Nail On The Head

This piece is a snappy round-up of some of the hottest tips you need to carve out a beautiful blog. And beauty brings in the babes, right? Here are our top ten for hitting the blogging nail on the head:

10 Tasty Tips For Hitting the blogging nail on the head


An awesome eye-catching title is an absolute must have. Don’t scrimp your time on this part; after all it is the title that draws an audience. In fairness, sometimes an awesome heading doesn’t come until the content has been created, so this perhaps should have been tip number ten instead one. Anyhow.


Visual aids are everything in blog land. When blogs first started to make waves, WordPress was awash with amateur pages of content blocks; big chunks of alphabet soup, with little to no distraction in the form of a pretty picture. Text and too much of it is very off-putting so break it up with some relevant images. Most importantly, make sure that you alt tag them (the seo post checklist does automatically creates image alt tags on upload btw).


Is there an option for your reader to subscribe? This is very handy. You want return on your blogging investment, and reader emails are worth their weight in gold. A subscriber to your blog will always know when your next post is up, and you can start to make direct contact with them through email, which may be very useful at some stage.

Social Networks

Display your social sharing buttons somewhere very visible; somewhere at the top or side of the blog piece is usually effective. It’s no harm to prompt your reader every now and again to share your blog; see how having their email might be handy?!

Call to Action

If you are blogging for business or commercial interest, make sure to have very well placed call to action buttons. Examples may be a ‘Call Now’ button (for your cellular audience) or a ‘Contact Us’ tab that leads to an enquiry form page.


This tip is relevant on a couple of levels. Obviously, there is consistency with posting, so this means to post regularly and without surprise (sometimes people don’t like surprises!). Consistency is also relevant here, with regards to your tone and style. For most natural writers, this is not too difficult. If, however writing does not come easily to you, you may find it difficult to develop your voice on the page. While blogging does not have to be a Shakespearean masterpiece, there is some writing technicality involved. There is no shame in taking a blog writing course to help develop some new skills.


Need I say more? Punctuation can be chucked in here too. If in doubt, jump onto grammarly.com.

Educate Yourself

Every now and again, write about something you have no idea about. Not like unicorns or leprechauns, but pick something within your blogging topic field that is not your specialist area. For example, as a blogger that writes about blogging, I am quite familiar with the topic in the written sense. I don’t know much about blogging via pod-casting however. By studying the topic and writing about it, I would not only educate myself but I would also expand my knowledge for the audience. This would obviously be mutually beneficial and yep I might just learn about podcasts! Who knew blogging could be so much fun?!

Invite Interaction

It is always advisable to invite some audience engagement. You may choose to pose a question, or invite the reader to provide feedback. This little gesture shows the audience there is someone on the other side, and it just gives it that added depth.

Have Fun

This is the fluffy tip. It is important to enjoy blogging. If you have no interest in writing about your topic, this can easily shine through on the blog. If you feel that you are getting a little stale, why not invite a guest blogger to take the heat off you for a few weeks. Alternatively refer to tip eight and educate yourself in new topics – Fresh fodder equals fresh blogger!

Have you any tips that you think we have missed out on? What ingredients are included in your perfect blog recipe?  Drop us a comment – We would love to hear your feedback!

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