Twoggle Guest Blogger

Get fresh, unique content for your blog by letting guest bloggers submit posts without giving them wp-admin access.

See the guest blogger demo here.


  • Very easy setup: Create a page on your blog (wp-admin > Page > Add new), (optionally) create some instructional text then insert the shortcode [twgb] where you want the guest blog form to appear.
  • Guest blog form includes:
  • Post Title
  • Post Content: Easily let user create h2 headings and links
  • Image insert: user can specify an image URL and then click-insert it into the post
  • Tags: Similar to adding new post in wp-admin, tags are easily created with click-to-add functionality. Automatically limits to 4 tags maximum
  • Guest blogger bio: Details of the guest blogger are captured smartly and appended to the post as a short bio (you can edit/remove this of course before publishing)
  • Simple CAPTCHA.
  • Select a default WP user to assign guest blogs to
  • Select any number of users to be notified when a new guest post is submitted
  • Specify which category newly submitted guest posts should be assigned to (default is 'Uncategorized')
  • Specify a thank-you page where guest blogger is redirected to after submitting guest post

Installation Instructions

To get the plugin installed, simply follow the official installation instructions here.


Guest Blog Form

Once you've installed (& activated) the plugin, create a WordPress page & call it something descriptive like 'Write For Us' or 'Guest Blogging'.

Inside the content of the page you've created, include the shortcode '[twgb]' where you want the guest blog form to appear:

Twoggle Guest Blogger - Set Up Page

Your guest blogger will be presented with a page as follows: See the guest blogger demo here.

Admin Settings

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