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A Refreshable Captcha In Yii2

By default, Yii2’s captcha doesn’t come with a ‘refresh’ link/button which lets you refresh the image. This can be frustrating as often the image is quite unreadable (even for humans!). Below is an implementation of CaptchaRefreshable which adds a refresh link to the standard Yii2 captcha. This widget is included in the Foundationize Yii2 with […]

LAMP Local Development Environment Using VirtualBox

In this short article we’ll look at setting up a Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) development environment locally using VirtualBox and a Windows machine as host. While I’ve successfully used Windows-based WAMPserver, I actually prefer this approach over WAMP because it replicates a real Linux-based server more accurately (in most cases if the same O/S […]