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Top Ten WordPress Plugins Of 2017

No fluff. No frills. Just the top ten WordPress plugins you need. Right now. YOAST – FREE Been there, wrote a blog post about it. But needs to be mentioned again. YOAST is an SEO optimisation plugin, making your job as easy as just carving some killer content. Once you have entered your post into […]

Blog With Success – Our Research Part 2

Following on from the last post in this series, I wanted to open by discussing the feedback I received on copyblogger.com. The overall opinion of our readers is that you like the interface as it is clean and easy to navigate. This tends to be what attracts most readers to a blog, content aside.Website navigation […]

WP SEO By Yoast – The Down-low

So this week it is all about the WP SEO by Yoast plugin. I am a big fan of Yoast for 2 reasons. The first is that it rhymes with toast, and I really love toast. The second is that it keeps me on track when I am creating web content. Once Yoast turns green […]

How To Improve User Experience During WordPress Site Development

As of 2015, 23% of the world’s websites are running in WordPress and if you are going to join the league then the following points will help you overcome some common pitfalls and improve the user experience of developing a website with WordPress. If you think that you can download WordPress and install it and […]