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Foundation 6 Overview

What is it, how to start and what’s new? Zurb’s Foundation 6 is a set of responsive front-end frameworks that enables you to create easily and swiftly beautiful websites, apps or HTML emails. Now, as much as many of these frameworks are popular, I for myself don’t like to work with a lot of them. […]

CSS Customizations Bloggers Should Know About

You might use HTML to create the structure of your website, but it’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that lets you make the bells and whistles. Want to set a color background? Use CSS! Want to set the margins? Use CSS! Want to specify the size of containers in the website? Use CSS! Want to change […]

The Leading Freelancing Platforms

When you decide to begin freelancing the first obstacle to overcome, is where you will find work. From your own word-of-mouth advertising, to using freelance platforms such as Elance, oDesk, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Fiverr, and others, can both assist in building your reputation, clientele, and portfolio. They can also cause you a huge headache, additional […]

How To Edit CSS With Custom Design

Do you wish you had more control over your WordPress blog? Are your backgrounds, fonts and styles just not up to your standards anymore? Are professional web designers hard to reach? And when they work on your site do have a hard time getting you the look you want? With CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) your […]

6 Tips For Effective Blogging

So you think you’re already an expert at blogging? Perhaps you are, but it never hurts to know about practices that can improve your content, increase readership and draw more viewers to your blog. Whether you have been into blogging for a while or are just starting out, here are some of the things that […]

Updating ThemeForest Themes With Envato Toolkit

A blog is where you pour your heart out. The visitors will get to see a side of you that you normally don’t go about showing. However, your words are only part of a blog. When you make a blog, you have to make sure the visual elements, the colors and the design captures your essence; […]

Top 5 Time Saving CSS Cleanup Tools

Making sure you have clean, organised CSS is very important if you want to please not only your web server, but your current client and any future design prospects. Websites with clean CSS markup will also load more quickly, meaning a better user experience for your visitors, and the potential for appearing higher in the […]

8 New HTML5 Elements To Make Life Easier

1: <header> and <footer> Although the html5 elements <header> and <footer> tags do not differ in terms of the actual display from the <div> tag, they will provide you with long-term benefits in search engine performance. These tags will let search engines know the difference between the actual “content” on the page, and important information […]

5 Best Free HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML, and is essential for building modern websites – with new functions and a larger set of technologies allowing more diverse and powerful websites and applications. It has been around for a while now but we are starting to see lots of amazing free templates […]

Website Design – Is It Best To Use a WordPress Template Or Go Bespoke? Part 2

What is a Bespoke WordPress Template? A bespoke template is a website that has been created from scratch. To start off with you will need to find a web-designer who is able to take on your project. It’s generally a good idea to use a company or person who specialises in WordPress. Take a look […]