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Using Social Media Effectively

Social Media, Is it Really Profitable and Productive? It can be! When used appropriately social media management and marketing can be both profitable and productive. Although, if not managed properly can have the opposite effect, reducing productivity or profitability, or both. So, how can you make the most of using social media marketing effectively? Keep […]

Top 8 Social Media Plugins For WordPress – Part 2

Following on from part one of top 8 social media plugins, here are five more of the best social media plugins for WordPress: 4. Sharedaddy Once just a lonely, standalone plugin, Sharedaddy has now been welcomed into the folds of the Jetpack plugin. It offers out of the box support for all the major networks with […]

Top 8 Social Media Plugins For WordPress – Part 1

Social media is a crucial part in the SEO process. Many WordPress plugins have been created to make management of social media a heck of a lot less cumbersome (and even a joy!). Here are listed our top 8 social media plugins for WordPress (Part 1). 1. Socialbox Socialbox allows you to display a list […]

How To Increase Traffic Through Twitter

Twitter has over 75 million active users per day. Whilst it’s easy to feel lost amongst mundane tweets and fan-girl followings, you can use it to appeal to your target audience. From knowing when to tweet to making effective searches, this blog post will teach you how to make the most of Twitter by teaching […]

How To Increase Traffic Through Facebook

With over 130 million active users per day day, Facebook is the biggest social networking website on the planet. Ignoring it is not an option. From creating social ads to making use of multimedia, this blog post will teach you how to increase traffic through Facebook to your blog. Use social ads Social ads are […]