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SOLR Search: A Primer

Sоlr iѕ a ѕtаtе оf the аrt ѕеаrсh technologies available fоr free аѕ open source frоm Thе Aрасhе Software Foundation. Solr search iѕ a рlаtfоrm built on top of Luсеnе thаt makes it easy to build Luсеnе-bаѕеd applications. Bоth are full-fеаturеd аnd hаvе excellent реrfоrmаnсе, rеlеvаnсу rаnking аnd scalability. Thеѕе technologies аrе used tоdау bу […]

Solr Tutorial Part 1 – Getting Started

In this Solr tutorial I will go through the steps for installing and running Solr 4.9 on an Ubuntu (Server) Linux system. The latest version of Solr (at the time of writing) is 4.9. In this example we will look at performing some simple indexing of blogging websites. Solr plays a big part in returning relevant […]

Solr Introduction – Lucene Indexing Guide

Solr Introduction – What Is Solr? Welcome to this Solr introduction. Here we’ll go into what Solr is and an overview of how Lucene indexing works. Solr is an open source enterprise search server. It is a mature product powering search for public sites such as CNET, Zappos, and Netflix, as well as countless other […]