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Building a Marketing Strategy For Your Small Business

It doesn’t matter if your business is exclusively online or has a physical presence; once you have a website, this marketing strategy is workable for you. Most business owners are not marketing extraordinaire’s, so it can be daunting to attempt to navigate the digital marketing world without the smarts. There is an abundance of help […]

Site Organization – SEO Golden Rules Part 2

In this second part of the SEO Golden Rules series, we’ll look at site organization and structure and how this impacts your search engine (SE) ranking performance, particularly bearing Google’s Penguin update in mind. The way you structure your site is very important for two reasons: Make it easy for your visitors to navigate Make […]

How SEO Helps Your Blog

If you have a blog and are actively promoting it, chances are you’ve heard about how Search Engine Optimization helps your blog become more visible during searches, but what about the workings behind all that? Just how does a search engine work to promote your blog? Here we’ll look at how SEO helps your blog […]

6 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

When it comes to using the Search Optimization strategy to drive traffic to your blog, there are dos and then there are don’ts. Not all practices are relevant anymore; even those some experienced bloggers still practice. What are some of the SEO mistakes bloggers should avoid? Let’s take a look: Using too Many Keywords When just […]

Using WordPress Within Another CMS

As we’ve already discussed previously, WordPress is a fantastic and highly adaptable piece of software, which can be used in a great range of applications from blogging to e-commerce. However, it may be the case that either you already had an existing site set up, or you just opted to use software that was specially […]

How To Build Sitemaps For SEO

Sitemaps are a way for SEOs and webmasters to tell Google their site structure and the important URLs on their website. In this article we will cover the two types of sitemaps, XML and HTML, and how each one works. We will also cover important considerations to avoid with sitemaps. XML Sitemaps XML sitemaps are […]

Online Security – For You And Your Customer

Online security is the Achilles heel for most small business owners. When you think you are on top of your web protection, new security threats and advanced hacking methods are unearthed. Any small business must think of their online security as a strong foundation. Without any good security practices in place, your web presence is […]