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SEO And Keywords – A Simple Model

I make a living (part time) from copy-writing. I have recently only been able to say those words aloud, due to a lack of confidence in my abilities. This was largely due to my absence of any professional copy-writing training or formal digital marketing studies. Having said that, I have managed to build up a […]

Guest Blogging – What Is It All About?

Guest blogging itself doesn’t take much explaining but the reasons behind doing it certainly do. So I thought I would make a blog post in its honour. You are welcome. What is a guest blog? A guest blog is a post written by someone for a website that is not their own. While some people […]

Blog With Success – Our Research Part 2

Following on from the last post in this series, I wanted to open by discussing the feedback I received on copyblogger.com. The overall opinion of our readers is that you like the interface as it is clean and easy to navigate. This tends to be what attracts most readers to a blog, content aside.Website navigation […]

WP SEO By Yoast – The Down-low

So this week it is all about the WP SEO by Yoast plugin. I am a big fan of Yoast for 2 reasons. The first is that it rhymes with toast, and I really love toast. The second is that it keeps me on track when I am creating web content. Once Yoast turns green […]

Site Organization – SEO Golden Rules Part 2

In this second part of the SEO Golden Rules series, we’ll look at site organization and structure and how this impacts your search engine (SE) ranking performance, particularly bearing Google’s Penguin update in mind. The way you structure your site is very important for two reasons: Make it easy for your visitors to navigate Make […]

Tools To Measure Your Online Presence

Having an online presence is one thing but measuring its performance is quite another. You spend hours writing blogs, crafting beautiful web content and tailoring newsletters for distribution. This is a wonderful waste of effort if you are not measuring your return on investment so to speak. Any would be online marketer needs to understand […]

Blog Following – How To Increase It

Bloggers are creative folk right? They have a way with words; the ability to team diction together to form a nutritious piece of content that we hungrily digest with our eyes. However, in a free world of online blogging, there is a saturation of people using the web as a soapbox. With such a flooding […]

Why Sitemaps Are Important For SEO

Consider the basic principle upon which a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works – to optimize the website’s visibility within the actual search engine. A good SEO includes the enormous variability of what people search on the Internet. The more people search certain information, the more the websites on that topic pop up in an engine. […]

7 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

If your site does not have good Google rankings, it’s better for you not to have a website at all. Keeping a site for your business or any kind of presentation has its price and sometimes it’s costly, especially if you’re doing it wrong. In this post we’ll look at 7 SEO mistakes to avoid […]

How To Make Your Blog SEO-friendly

Can you remember when you first found out about search engines? It was a magical moment, wasn’t it? You suddenly realized you have the power to look for something in the Internet without having to browse through tons and tons of sites and data. Nowadays, the search engine is not just something you can use […]