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Google Analytics – Part 2

For part two of the Google Analytics series, we are going to look a little more in depth into the four components of GA. The 4 components, as a reminder are – Collection Processing Configuration Reporting Collection At collection stage, the raw data is captured and delivered to GA. We learned last week that a […]

Google’s Pigeon Algorithm Has Been Set Free

Google have recently rolled out an algorithm update to their local search results. Termed the “Pigeon” update by Search Engine Land, the new algorithm aims to provide useful, relevant and more accurate local search results. The main updates are said to be enhanced location and distance ranking parameters. The algorithm is also somewhat more closely […]

International SEO Ranking Signals

This article summarises the key aspects to consider when developing an internationally targeted site. Top level domain tied to a country Having a ccTLD is generally one of the strongest signals you can send to Google when it comes to country targeting. ccTLDs (country-code top level domain names) are tied to a specific country, for […]