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Top Ten WordPress Plugins Of 2017

No fluff. No frills. Just the top ten WordPress plugins you need. Right now. YOAST – FREE Been there, wrote a blog post about it. But needs to be mentioned again. YOAST is an SEO optimisation plugin, making your job as easy as just carving some killer content. Once you have entered your post into […]

Content Creation Trend Predictions For 2017

What a time to be alive and in the content marketing industry! It is absolutely exploding in popularity now, and sees no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, I have decided to look to the predictions for trends in the industry this year. Believe me, if content creation is your thing, you need […]

Blog Following – How To Increase It

Bloggers are creative folk right? They have a way with words; the ability to team diction together to form a nutritious piece of content that we hungrily digest with our eyes. However, in a free world of online blogging, there is a saturation of people using the web as a soapbox. With such a flooding […]

10 Video SEO Tips To Boost Your Rankings

When reviewing or planning your SEO strategy, integrating videos is a must. Videos are a powerful tool for SEO but are also a great way to engage your audience. In order for your Video SEO strategy to be efficient, take a look at the 10 tips listed below: Focus on Quality People should be your […]

Introduction To Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

As an eCommerce business, you are either losing business or you are converting customers. There really is no middle ground here and the stakes are high. Every missed conversion is not only costing you a sale but also a potential lifetime customer. In this post we’ll look at recovering abandoned shopping carts. Lucky for you there […]

On-Page Optimization Pitfalls And Myths

Over Optimization On-page over optimization is the application of too much SEO efforts on a page or site, resulting in a significant drop in rankings. This typically happens at a page level and can be reversed by de-optimizing the page to an acceptable level. A good way to think about this is that when Google […]

How To Build Sitemaps For SEO

Sitemaps are a way for SEOs and webmasters to tell Google their site structure and the important URLs on their website. In this article we will cover the two types of sitemaps, XML and HTML, and how each one works. We will also cover important considerations to avoid with sitemaps. XML Sitemaps XML sitemaps are […]

The Importance Of Site Speed For SEO

By far the biggest reason to improve the speed of your website is because visitors prefer fast loading sites. To the extent that your role involves caring about actual conversions rather than just number of visitors to the site, you should pay fanatical attention to the time it takes to download and render pages on […]

10 Product Page Optimization Tips

If you have an ecommerce business, then you will know that your product pages are one of the key components for turning your visitors into customers. And lucky for you, we have 10 product page optimization tips to help you make those pages give the ultimate customer experience. 1. Remove Distractions As the product pages are […]