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Google Analytics – Part 2

For part two of the Google Analytics series, we are going to look a little more in depth into the four components of GA. The 4 components, as a reminder are – Collection Processing Configuration Reporting Collection At collection stage, the raw data is captured and delivered to GA. We learned last week that a […]

Copywriting – Get It Right

Copywriting is unavoidable for any business, particularly those with an online presence. Sometimes getting business content right, is, to be quite honest, not that easy. The market is saturated with content, and a large volume of it is non-productive paragraphs that are not serving the business justice. This article examines some critical points that each […]

4 Keyword Research Techniques In The Age Of (not Provided)

Whether you are a fan of keyword data or not, they do still matter! And with the age of (not provided) in organic keyword data, the rumour of Google also blocking paid advertising keyword data is a little scary. All hope is not lost when it comes to finding keywords, Google is just making it […]