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What Bloggers Can Do With CSS

Blogging is cool: You have your own space, you can make it look however you want, you can write whatever you want and put whatever images you want in there (okay, there might be some restrictions based on where you live, but you get the point). The more attractive your website is, the more likely visitors […]

How To Understand The HTML Code On Your Blog

When you started blogging you probably didn’t expect to have to learn coding with HTML, or any coding at all. The bad news is you do have to learn HTML if you want to be able to design the way your webpage looks. The good news? Once you have the hang of HTML you can […]

8 New HTML5 Elements To Make Life Easier

1: <header> and <footer> Although the html5 elements <header> and <footer> tags do not differ in terms of the actual display from the <div> tag, they will provide you with long-term benefits in search engine performance. These tags will let search engines know the difference between the actual “content” on the page, and important information […]

5 Best Free HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML, and is essential for building modern websites – with new functions and a larger set of technologies allowing more diverse and powerful websites and applications. It has been around for a while now but we are starting to see lots of amazing free templates […]