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Guest Blogging – What Is It All About?

Guest blogging itself doesn’t take much explaining but the reasons behind doing it certainly do. So I thought I would make a blog post in its honour. You are welcome. What is a guest blog? A guest blog is a post written by someone for a website that is not their own. While some people […]

What Bloggers Can Do With CSS

Blogging is cool: You have your own space, you can make it look however you want, you can write whatever you want and put whatever images you want in there (okay, there might be some restrictions based on where you live, but you get the point). The more attractive your website is, the more likely visitors […]

How To Tell If You Have a Bad Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is a good way to break the monotony of a blog, if you feel as a writer you have run out of sound ideas and need a fresh if not totally different opinion or want to inject a different experience with things, why not invite others to write as a guest blogger on […]

How To Get Your Blog Noticed

So you have a blog? That’s good news! However I have some bad news for you; this is the Internet, so yours is obviously not the only blog out there. There are perhaps millions of blogs from other people competing for the attention of readers. You just entered a cutthroat competitive world where failure to […]

5 Steps To Being A Better Guest Blogger

If you have a blog but still want to reach out to more people then why not try guest blogging? Simply put, guest blogging is writing articles or stories for another person’s blog. What do you get out of it, you ask? Aside from the exposure to his or her readers (whom might have a […]

Why Guest Blogging Is Here To Stay

Guest blogging is when bloggers write for another site or blog. This usually comes with the trade-off that the owner of the guest blog will also write for the blog of the guest writer (guest blog exchange), or with the deal to allow the guest writer to promote his or her own blog on the […]

A Guide To Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a simple and free tool used to monitor anything on the Web; from blogs, news articles, and various other media. It sends you an email every time it finds new results, dependent on your settings. The scope of Google Alerts is only limited by your imagination, so think creatively, and if you […]

Link Building Beyond Bloggers

Links from blogs, if handled in the right way, can provide tremendous value; whether they be the result of guest blogging, editorial mentions etc. However, regardless of the different ways you approach bloggers in order to get these links, or the diversity of blogs you get them from – these are only one type of […]

The Good And Bad Of Guest Blog Outreach

I wanted to write a “quick” post about Guest Blog Outreach, or for that matter any form of outreach. Specifically the do’s and dont’s and what I think works (from experience of being on the receiving end as well as doing outreach myself). The majority of emails that land in my inbox from people I […]

How To Conduct Effective Outreach

Before starting outreach for a client or for your own business, it is important to understand and recognize what makes outreach work. The type of outreach may vary from project-to-project, but there are certain underlying characteristics that will always be present in any effective outreach effort. Below we will go through how to conduct effective […]