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Content Creation Trend Predictions For 2017

What a time to be alive and in the content marketing industry! It is absolutely exploding in popularity now, and sees no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, I have decided to look to the predictions for trends in the industry this year. Believe me, if content creation is your thing, you need […]

Online Monetization

Once upon a time working from home was reserved for novelists and dodgy multi-level marketing people. Those days are behind us folks, and there is now more opportunity than ever to live the dream. The dream to get paid for staying in your PJ’s all day. All one needs to have for such a life […]

Magento: The Ultimate Review

Introduction: Nowadays, there is no lack of Ecommerce products on the market: From SaaS products like Shopify and BigCommerce to open source solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop and Zen Cart. There is also another standard, namely the CMS shops like WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce that built upon WordPress and Drupal respectively, two of the most popular […]

Introduction To Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

As an eCommerce business, you are either losing business or you are converting customers. There really is no middle ground here and the stakes are high. Every missed conversion is not only costing you a sale but also a potential lifetime customer. In this post we’ll look at recovering abandoned shopping carts. Lucky for you there […]

A Guide To Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a simple and free tool used to monitor anything on the Web; from blogs, news articles, and various other media. It sends you an email every time it finds new results, dependent on your settings. The scope of Google Alerts is only limited by your imagination, so think creatively, and if you […]

Online Security – For You And Your Customer

Online security is the Achilles heel for most small business owners. When you think you are on top of your web protection, new security threats and advanced hacking methods are unearthed. Any small business must think of their online security as a strong foundation. Without any good security practices in place, your web presence is […]

How To Write An EBook

Writing an eBook In this post we’ll focus on how to write an eBook. eBooks are such an effective marketing tool that they have exploded in the last decade such that the way forward is looking to become a hundred percent digital literature market. This is both a blessing and a curse. It will remove barriers for […]

10 Product Page Optimization Tips

If you have an ecommerce business, then you will know that your product pages are one of the key components for turning your visitors into customers. And lucky for you, we have 10 product page optimization tips to help you make those pages give the ultimate customer experience. 1. Remove Distractions As the product pages are […]