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Magento: The Ultimate Review

Introduction: Nowadays, there is no lack of Ecommerce products on the market: From SaaS products like Shopify and BigCommerce to open source solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop and Zen Cart. There is also another standard, namely the CMS shops like WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce that built upon WordPress and Drupal respectively, two of the most popular […]

How To Add CSS Code To Blogger Using Template Designer

Do you want your blog to not look cookie-cutter like many other blogs out there? Do you want to be able to make alterations, changes and adjustments to your site without having to turn to a professional web designer? The good news is you can make changes you want to your blog by yourself; all […]

Top 5 Time Saving CSS Cleanup Tools

Making sure you have clean, organised CSS is very important if you want to please not only your web server, but your current client and any future design prospects. Websites with clean CSS markup will also load more quickly, meaning a better user experience for your visitors, and the potential for appearing higher in the […]

8 New HTML5 Elements To Make Life Easier

1: <header> and <footer> Although the html5 elements <header> and <footer> tags do not differ in terms of the actual display from the <div> tag, they will provide you with long-term benefits in search engine performance. These tags will let search engines know the difference between the actual “content” on the page, and important information […]

10 Product Page Optimization Tips

If you have an ecommerce business, then you will know that your product pages are one of the key components for turning your visitors into customers. And lucky for you, we have 10 product page optimization tips to help you make those pages give the ultimate customer experience. 1. Remove Distractions As the product pages are […]

The UX Process – Problems And Solutions

User Experience (UX) is a crucial part of the design process, and is equally important to the actual visual design. There’s no point having a beautifully designed website or app if users don’t know how to interact with it. This is especially important for complex sites because users must be able to easily navigate through […]