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How To Continue Building Backlinks

We Want to Start Building Backlinks! Creating content that has a lasting presence and continuous readership is really the aim of the game. It’s not uncommon in content marketing circles to create content, do some outreach to gain links, then start again with fresh content. This cycle seems exhausting and wasteful. What if there are […]

Blogging And Social Media – A 360 Approach

Do you know that there is now an accredited social media course being delivered in Australia? This is a picture-perfect example of the incredible shift there has been around the validity of social media as an educational field of its own. While this marketing medium is nothing new to the average business owner, the fact […]

Beat The Blogging Block

The cursed writers block. It can pounce at any time, quite usually at the worst time such as deadline day. If, like me, you are a regular blog contributor you know what I mean. Another issue that can be sometimes faced as a writer is a feeling of stagnation in subject matter. It is no […]

Blog With Success – Part 3

Building your Audience So after part 1 and 2 of our blogging series, we can only assume that you are working it like a boss. At this point, we have laid some foundations for you in respect to blogging platforms, and digital media skills. Once you have nailed these, it is time to really start […]

How To Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Blog

Presenting an aesthetically pleasing blog, is as important as the content itself. This is not to undermine the power of the written word; always curate your posts! However, it is just as vital to give your audience a visual treat, with carefully chosen colours, imagery and abstract design. This blog looks at some of the […]

How To Tell If You Have a Bad Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is a good way to break the monotony of a blog, if you feel as a writer you have run out of sound ideas and need a fresh if not totally different opinion or want to inject a different experience with things, why not invite others to write as a guest blogger on […]

Link Building Beyond Bloggers

Links from blogs, if handled in the right way, can provide tremendous value; whether they be the result of guest blogging, editorial mentions etc. However, regardless of the different ways you approach bloggers in order to get these links, or the diversity of blogs you get them from – these are only one type of […]

The Good And Bad Of Guest Blog Outreach

I wanted to write a “quick” post about Guest Blog Outreach, or for that matter any form of outreach. Specifically the do’s and dont’s and what I think works (from experience of being on the receiving end as well as doing outreach myself). The majority of emails that land in my inbox from people I […]

How To Conduct Effective Outreach

Before starting outreach for a client or for your own business, it is important to understand and recognize what makes outreach work. The type of outreach may vary from project-to-project, but there are certain underlying characteristics that will always be present in any effective outreach effort. Below we will go through how to conduct effective […]