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How To Continue Building Backlinks

We Want to Start Building Backlinks! Creating content that has a lasting presence and continuous readership is really the aim of the game. It’s not uncommon in content marketing circles to create content, do some outreach to gain links, then start again with fresh content. This cycle seems exhausting and wasteful. What if there are […]

How To Make Your Blog SEO-friendly

Can you remember when you first found out about search engines? It was a magical moment, wasn’t it? You suddenly realized you have the power to look for something in the Internet without having to browse through tons and tons of sites and data. Nowadays, the search engine is not just something you can use […]

6 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

When it comes to using the Search Optimization strategy to drive traffic to your blog, there are dos and then there are don’ts. Not all practices are relevant anymore; even those some experienced bloggers still practice. What are some of the SEO mistakes bloggers should avoid? Let’s take a look: Using too Many Keywords When just […]

SEO Strategies For Bloggers

One of the tips you were probably given before you started out making your blog was to use search engines to your advantage. In fact, blog experts and web developers have come up with a term “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO for short. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or […]

How To Remove Bad Backlinks From Your Website

If you’re not sure what a backlink is, it is simply a link to your website from another website. In previous years, it was common practice for ‘black hat’, and ill-informed ‘white hat’, SEO companies to attempt to boost a website’s traffic by posting thousands of backlinks on link farms and web directories. This led […]

How To Set Up Page Redirects With WordPress

Page redirects are important for two main reasons. You may need to have a particular post redirected to a different location or have it renamed. Also, you may have changed the permalink setup of your word press page hence the existing links to your site may no longer exist. As such the redirect feature allows […]

Link Building Beyond Bloggers

Links from blogs, if handled in the right way, can provide tremendous value; whether they be the result of guest blogging, editorial mentions etc. However, regardless of the different ways you approach bloggers in order to get these links, or the diversity of blogs you get them from – these are only one type of […]

The Good And Bad Of Guest Blog Outreach

I wanted to write a “quick” post about Guest Blog Outreach, or for that matter any form of outreach. Specifically the do’s and dont’s and what I think works (from experience of being on the receiving end as well as doing outreach myself). The majority of emails that land in my inbox from people I […]

Linkbait – What Makes Content Link Worthy?

What makes someone link to you? This is one of the key things that you need to understand when it comes to crafting linkbait.  One of the common reasons that linkbait can fail is that it gets lot of people look at it, but hardly anyone feels compelled enough to link to it.  When you’re […]

How To Build Better Quality Backlinks

Despite all the recent changes in search engine algorithms high quality backlinks remain an essential part of seo strategy. Experienced webmasters know the value of high quality backlinks and are even willing to pay astronomical sums to get these links. In this article we will look at how to build better quality backlinks. Building backlinks is also […]