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20 Proven And Tested Marketing Tips – Your Facebook Bible

No one can refute the value of marketing in Facebook when it comes to advancing your business. It’s for this reason that everyone in the marketing industry is taking the time to learn or inquire about this strategy. Considering how millions of people are in Facebook everyday, who wouldn’t right? This post will aim to […]

How To Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn – 4 Steps To Massive Traffic

Launched in 2003, providing professional social communication services and housing a successful network of 433 million accounts, Linkedin has established solid footings within the business stream.     Unlike other social networking sites, Linkedin stands apart as a platform for the business oriented class of amateurs and professionals eager to extend their experiences and showcase […]

Blog Following – How To Increase It

Bloggers are creative folk right? They have a way with words; the ability to team diction together to form a nutritious piece of content that we hungrily digest with our eyes. However, in a free world of online blogging, there is a saturation of people using the web as a soapbox. With such a flooding […]

Copywriting – Get It Right

Copywriting is unavoidable for any business, particularly those with an online presence. Sometimes getting business content right, is, to be quite honest, not that easy. The market is saturated with content, and a large volume of it is non-productive paragraphs that are not serving the business justice. This article examines some critical points that each […]

New Trends In Blogging 2015

The blog is essentially a dialogue between the blogger and the visitor. A successful blogger is the one who understands this philosophy and implements it in its blog posts. A blog once created is a channel for sharing corporate information or personal insights into the products and / or services on a regular basis. Also […]

Why Start-ups Cannot Afford To Ignore Social Media

The web space – internet market – changes in matter of days. The trend that was super hot just over a month ago could be starting to cool down as the new one emerges on the horizon. Social media sphere is the ideal place to be in touch with the ‘in things’. New trends are […]

CMS And Social Media – How To Integrate Successfully

If you haven’t started marketing your blog yet, then it’s the right time to do so. And what could be the easiest way to increase the page views, than by social networking. It’s not only the most effective way to leverage the large social media base of yours, but an easiest way too. Thanks to […]

How To Spice Up Your Sales On Instagram In 3 Easy Steps

Social media is constantly evolving. As soon as you feel like you’ve got Facebook and Twitter figured out, suddenly there’s Vine and Snapchat and a whole bunch of exciting new stuff to learn. It keeps things interesting, and keeps social media managers on our toes. Lately it seems like more and more social media managers are enthusiastic about Instagram and the opportunities there to engage […]

How Link Building Changed In 2015?

Is link building dead? This is a question that has been lingering for as long as I can remember. Today, we’re deep into 2015, and link building is still a thing. Even though there have been stories that Google’s Penguin algorithm effectively killed the technique that go way back to 2012 and 2013, link building […]

11 Ways To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

If you’re a webmaster whose website has a bounce rate of over 90 per cent, I have some really bad news for you. Having a high bounce rate is extremely harmful to your business, and it should ring all the alarms you have in your head to go start changing things.   What is a […]