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3 SEO Practices That No Longer Work In 2015

The SEO practices or Search Engine Optimization is an extremely well known term in the IT industry. In order to improve your website and to make sure that the visitors look up for you, you should improve your SEO. Throughout the years search engines have developed numerous practices on how to optimize the search. However, with technology […]

Email – How Not To End Up In Spam Box

Sending an email can often lead to filling someone’s spam box. Spam denotes any electronic junk mail. The folder allows people to avoid annoying marketing messages and commercials. If you are seeking a broader audience and wish to contact more people by directly ending in their inbox folder, here are a few tips on how […]

Why Sitemaps Are Important For SEO

Consider the basic principle upon which a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works – to optimize the website’s visibility within the actual search engine. A good SEO includes the enormous variability of what people search on the Internet. The more people search certain information, the more the websites on that topic pop up in an engine. […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: Is Your Website Ready For It?

Google’s Mobile Friendly update may be the culprit behind your site losing ranking recently. If website page rank has dropped rесеntlу you may hаvе fаllеn victim tо thе lаtеѕt Gооglе uрdаtе. On Aрril 21, 2015 Gооglе rоllеd out thеir latest uрdаtе fаvоring mоbilе friеndlу wеbѕitеѕ. If уоur site is not еаѕilу ассеѕѕiblе to Smartphones, tablets, […]

7 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

If your site does not have good Google rankings, it’s better for you not to have a website at all. Keeping a site for your business or any kind of presentation has its price and sometimes it’s costly, especially if you’re doing it wrong. In this post we’ll look at 7 SEO mistakes to avoid […]

5 Best Tools To Track Your Audience

Every good webmaster knows who his audience are, where they come from and what they like to read on his website. He also knows how long they stay on his website, what content they share and how often they come back. All of this is essential to running an internet business – this knowledge will […]

How Link Building Changed In 2015?

Is link building dead? This is a question that has been lingering for as long as I can remember. Today, we’re deep into 2015, and link building is still a thing. Even though there have been stories that Google’s Penguin algorithm effectively killed the technique that go way back to 2012 and 2013, link building […]

11 Ways To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

If you’re a webmaster whose website has a bounce rate of over 90 per cent, I have some really bad news for you. Having a high bounce rate is extremely harmful to your business, and it should ring all the alarms you have in your head to go start changing things.   What is a […]

How To Tell If You Have a Bad Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is a good way to break the monotony of a blog, if you feel as a writer you have run out of sound ideas and need a fresh if not totally different opinion or want to inject a different experience with things, why not invite others to write as a guest blogger on […]

How To Make Your Blog SEO-friendly

Can you remember when you first found out about search engines? It was a magical moment, wasn’t it? You suddenly realized you have the power to look for something in the Internet without having to browse through tons and tons of sites and data. Nowadays, the search engine is not just something you can use […]