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SEO And Keywords – A Simple Model

I make a living (part time) from copy-writing. I have recently only been able to say those words aloud, due to a lack of confidence in my abilities. This was largely due to my absence of any professional copy-writing training or formal digital marketing studies. Having said that, I have managed to build up a […]

10 Tasty Tips For Hitting The Blogging Nail On The Head

This piece is a snappy round-up of some of the hottest tips you need to carve out a beautiful blog. And beauty brings in the babes, right? Here are our top ten for hitting the blogging nail on the head: Title An awesome eye-catching title is an absolute must have. Don’t scrimp your time on […]

Content Creation Trend Predictions For 2017

What a time to be alive and in the content marketing industry! It is absolutely exploding in popularity now, and sees no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, I have decided to look to the predictions for trends in the industry this year. Believe me, if content creation is your thing, you need […]

Blog Batching – The Way Forward

The New Year is well and truly upon us; in fact, 2017 is such old news that I feel like I should be making my 2018 resolutions. Better late than never as they say, so this year I have decided to digress from the norm. I will not make promises to go to the gym […]

5 Gut-wrenching Challenges Faced By Bloggers Today (and How To Counter Them)

The availability of so many blogging platforms online these days made it easier for just about anyone to start their own blog. Even so, it doesn’t mean that all bloggers find it easy to blog consistently without hiccups – there are challenges to be tackled each day, preventing a good blogger from becoming a great […]

Blog To Basics

It’s all back to blogging basics in this blog. In this piece we will examine the importance of blogging for business and what is the essence of a good blog. Have I used the word blog enough yet? Didn’t think so. Why is blogging a necessary business tool? Most businesses have a website. Most businesses […]

Site Organization – SEO Golden Rules Part 2

In this second part of the SEO Golden Rules series, we’ll look at site organization and structure and how this impacts your search engine (SE) ranking performance, particularly bearing Google’s Penguin update in mind. The way you structure your site is very important for two reasons: Make it easy for your visitors to navigate Make […]

Blog Following – How To Increase It

Bloggers are creative folk right? They have a way with words; the ability to team diction together to form a nutritious piece of content that we hungrily digest with our eyes. However, in a free world of online blogging, there is a saturation of people using the web as a soapbox. With such a flooding […]

5 Ways To Set Up An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Are you planning on building a strong communication with your customers? Why not try email marketing? The benefits of email marketing are speaking for themselves with today’s technological era. Social media do benefit from their type of marketing campaign, although you can never be surewhether your advert appears on a home page or a profile. […]

4 Best Practices For Creating A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

In order to communicate with your customer in the best way possible, and convey the true and exact purpose of your product, you should use a content marketing strategy to its fullest potential. You can actually reach a much broader set of customers by employing a well thought-out content marketing strategy. By using a strategy, you […]