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Video Content Marketing In 2017

Video is officially leading the pack in content marketing. Per a recent survey conducted by ANIMOTO, an ability to create video is the most desirable marketing skill to be in possession of. I must admit, this revelation made me slightly nervous. On examination of why my palms were sweating at the thought of video content […]

How To Continue Building Backlinks

We Want to Start Building Backlinks! Creating content that has a lasting presence and continuous readership is really the aim of the game. It’s not uncommon in content marketing circles to create content, do some outreach to gain links, then start again with fresh content. This cycle seems exhausting and wasteful. What if there are […]

Building a Marketing Strategy For Your Small Business

It doesn’t matter if your business is exclusively online or has a physical presence; once you have a website, this marketing strategy is workable for you. Most business owners are not marketing extraordinaire’s, so it can be daunting to attempt to navigate the digital marketing world without the smarts. There is an abundance of help […]

Content Creation Trend Predictions For 2017

What a time to be alive and in the content marketing industry! It is absolutely exploding in popularity now, and sees no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, I have decided to look to the predictions for trends in the industry this year. Believe me, if content creation is your thing, you need […]

3 Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Really Want

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. It can be as troublesome for businesses as it is for customers. However, if cards are played right, both parties can walk away happy and content. It’s easy to maximize sales and revenue during the holidays as people are more willing to shop and spend. […]

Online Monetization

Once upon a time working from home was reserved for novelists and dodgy multi-level marketing people. Those days are behind us folks, and there is now more opportunity than ever to live the dream. The dream to get paid for staying in your PJ’s all day. All one needs to have for such a life […]

Google Analytics – Part 1

This 2-part series examines Google Analytics and its very important place in measuring outcomes. Because we are sound and want to make sure that you get the most out of this topic, we have divided it over 2 weeks. Google Analytics is an absolute minefield, so we are going to start small, and build from […]

How To Create Great Content

Creating great content needn’t be a feat. It does not require Shakespearean language, or wordy paragraphs, to prove engaging to an audience. The most important quality of web content today is relevance. Is there an audience for the article or blog? Is what you are writing about going to serve a purpose or use to […]

Monetizing Your Blog – Part 2

It seems we have some money makers in the audience. Due to the volume of interest in “Monetizing your Blog -Part 1”, we are bringing you part 2 earlier than we originally planned. Here is this week’s round up of ideas on capitalizing your content. Click Per Mile – CPM Click Per Mile is better […]

Monetizing Your Blog

Creating your very first blog is a memorable experience, but there is nothing quite like the first time you earn a dollar from blogging. It is possible to generate income this way, albeit it’s not altogether easy. That being said, we do love a good challenge so we have some top tips and tricks, so […]