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6 Top Free WordPress Themes 2017

In no particular order, these are the top free WordPress theme for the year 2017. Check out our review and get back to us!!! Showcase The name was coined from its states and header and of the posts. A stone work WordPress subject for individual web journals, with a dull skin and simple plan. The […]

How To Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Blog

Presenting an aesthetically pleasing blog, is as important as the content itself. This is not to undermine the power of the written word; always curate your posts! However, it is just as vital to give your audience a visual treat, with carefully chosen colours, imagery and abstract design. This blog looks at some of the […]

Magento: The Ultimate Review

Introduction: Nowadays, there is no lack of Ecommerce products on the market: From SaaS products like Shopify and BigCommerce to open source solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop and Zen Cart. There is also another standard, namely the CMS shops like WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce that built upon WordPress and Drupal respectively, two of the most popular […]

Foundation 6 Overview

What is it, how to start and what’s new? Zurb’s Foundation 6 is a set of responsive front-end frameworks that enables you to create easily and swiftly beautiful websites, apps or HTML emails. Now, as much as many of these frameworks are popular, I for myself don’t like to work with a lot of them. […]

Why Sitemaps Are Important For SEO

Consider the basic principle upon which a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works – to optimize the website’s visibility within the actual search engine. A good SEO includes the enormous variability of what people search on the Internet. The more people search certain information, the more the websites on that topic pop up in an engine. […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: Is Your Website Ready For It?

Google’s Mobile Friendly update may be the culprit behind your site losing ranking recently. If website page rank has dropped rесеntlу you may hаvе fаllеn victim tо thе lаtеѕt Gооglе uрdаtе. On Aрril 21, 2015 Gооglе rоllеd out thеir latest uрdаtе fаvоring mоbilе friеndlу wеbѕitеѕ. If уоur site is not еаѕilу ассеѕѕiblе to Smartphones, tablets, […]

What Bloggers Can Do With CSS

Blogging is cool: You have your own space, you can make it look however you want, you can write whatever you want and put whatever images you want in there (okay, there might be some restrictions based on where you live, but you get the point). The more attractive your website is, the more likely visitors […]

How To Understand The HTML Code On Your Blog

When you started blogging you probably didn’t expect to have to learn coding with HTML, or any coding at all. The bad news is you do have to learn HTML if you want to be able to design the way your webpage looks. The good news? Once you have the hang of HTML you can […]

CSS Customizations Bloggers Should Know About

You might use HTML to create the structure of your website, but it’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that lets you make the bells and whistles. Want to set a color background? Use CSS! Want to set the margins? Use CSS! Want to specify the size of containers in the website? Use CSS! Want to change […]

CSS Tips For Basic Blogging

Are you new to blogging? Then CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is something you should know about. Blogging is not just about having the right content and the right visual elements and the right layout. It’s also about presentation. With CSS you can make your page look any way you want whenever you want. Just what […]